If you’d like to make your own article on anything you did on your off road vehicle that you think people would be interested in learning about, you can have it posted here.

What you need to submit:

  1. Write up: Write down everything you did. Try to give the steps you did to complete whatever it is you did. Try to give as much detail as possible. Remember, not everyone has the knowledge that you may have. The goal is to help someone do what you did so the more detail you give, the better it might help someone.
  2. Pictures: Submit as many pictures as you can pertaining to your article. A lot of people are also visual learners. If you are explaining something in your article that people might get confused by (a component location, a way you ran a wire, a bolt you had to remove to do something, etc.) take a picture of it. People like having a reference photo when they are learning to do something.
  3. Videos: If you have any videos that you took and uploaded it to YouTube that pertains to your article, send a link to it in the email.
  4. Current vehicle photo: The cover photo for your article will be a photo of your vehicle. Submit a photo of your vehicle as it is currently. Whether it’s on jack stands or you off roading somewhere. Show off your hard work and hard-earned money pit.

Once you finish, email your article, photos, video links, and anything else to info@budgetgarage.net. After you submit your article, the only changes we will make are spelling and punctuation corrections. Other than that, it’s everything you wrote.  We will format it and send you a link to preview the article before we post it. Once you approve it, we’ll give you a date that the article will be posted. We ask that you keep your article as clean as possible. We don’t care much about cussing in your article but racial, sexuality and religious slurs will be edited from your article.