Who Needs Light Bars?

Everybody loves to see where they’re driving at night. For most of us with Cherokees, visibility at night sucks. The stock sealed beam headlights just don’t cut it.

I’ve never been a fan of light bars for two reasons.

1.) In California, they are illegal to use on the highway.

2.) It’s not worth the effort to mount it, run the wiring, wire everything up, etc.

There are some solutions to this problem. I could get different housings and use H4 bulbs or H.I.D. Bulbs. I could buy brighter seal beam headlights but they’re usually just slightly brighter. For Christmas, my parents bought me a set or the LED headlights. They are labeled on the lenses as DOT approved but couldn’t say for sure if they are. Replacing them is very easy.

1.) Take out the 4 headlight bezel screws.

2.) Remove the sealed beam headlight.

3.) Unplug the connector from the back of the old headlight.

4.) Plug the new LED headlight in.

5.) Install the headlight bezel on the LED headlight and re-secure it on the Jeep.

Adjusting the headlights is very simple.

1.) Make sure your on level ground and pull the Jeep as close to the wall as possible.

2.) Turn the headlights on and place a piece of tape on the wall in the center of the beam. The projected light shouldn’t exceed 42″.

3.) Back the Jeep up to approximately 25′ from the wall.

4.) Adjust the headlights until the are level at your 42″ mark.

5.) Adjust the side to side adjustment until the headlights beams are are centered with each other and project light evenly on both sides of the Jeep.

That’s it. Enjoy seeing at night without blinding others on the road and risking getting a ticket for using a light bar. Also, enjoy the extra money you have and the future shit talking on the forums you will not get because you didn’t buy a light bar.